Gluten Free Options at Tagine Fine Moroccan Restaurant // Midtown

In this dimly lit restaurant, Moroccan lamps, hand-woven textiles and cushy seating create an exotic ambiance that transport you from Manhattan to Morocco.

Tagine is the only Moroccan restaurant in NYC that has a variety of gluten free— and vegan— dishes on their menu. Gluten Free items are labeled and you won’t be disappointed; there is plenty to choose from.

Gluten free appetizers include hearty lentil soup, haria, tapenades (bring your own bread!), a variety of salads, and a few more dishes.


I ordered the Zalouk ($10.50), a dish made with roasted eggplant marinated with charmoula emulsion. Charmoula is a minced roasted garlic sauce with lemon, cumin, cilantro paste, and extra virgin olive oil.

The menu also features a variety of Tagines, all of which are gluten free. Tagine is a traditional Moroccan dish that is named after the clay pot that it is cooked and served in. The traditional method of cooking with a tagine is to place the tagine over coals. Tagines are available with chicken, lamb, or vegetarian. The lamb served at Tagine is free range, grass fed, and hormone free.

Lamb Tagine

I had the Lamb Tagine ($23.75)— Shank of lamb stewed in a saffron sauce, topped with potatoes, carrots, and green peas. This fragrant casserole-like dish is still simmering when brought to the table. The meat was tender and fell off the bone. The flavors were incredible; I devoured the dish.

The wine list includes a diverse selection of Moroccan wines, and if you like Hooka, you can get that here as well.

The food was great, but a little over priced.

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I've been on a gluten free diet since January 2009. It's been an adventure, and a challenge at times. I love to go to new restaurants and try new foods, and being gluten free can make eating out difficult at times. But I will not let my dietary restrictions get in my way of finding new restaurants and products. These are my stories of being a young women in a big city, eating out and trying new foods, all while NOT eating gluten. Like I said, it's an adventure and you are welcome to come along... Please note that as I try to eat gluten free 100% of the time, my intolerance is not as severe as others so please use caution when dining at restaurants that are not certified gluten free.

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  1. Great post. Tagine is a fantastic restaurant, very authentic. It is like a trip to Morocco. Only thing I do not like is the belly dancing, when they ask you to dance with them!

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