GF General Tso's Chicken

Gluten Free Chinese Take Out from Lili’s 57 // Midtown West, NYC

It is incredibly rare to find a Chinese restaurant that can cater to gluten free needs. In Boston, there was only one Chinese restaurant that offered “gluten free” options, and all that actually was is steamed vegetables and plain proteins.

GF General Tso's Chicken
GF General Tso’s Chicken

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered not one, but two Chinese restaurants that have gluten free menus!

Lili’s 57 is located in the heart of New York City (57th and 7th Ave), it’s sister restaurant Lili and Loo is located on the Upper East Side.

They offer a full gluten free menu and it is fantastic! They have everything from lettuce wraps and satay to teriyaki chicken, fried rice, and sushi.

Rock Shrimp Tempura
Rock Shrimp Tempura

Gluten free appetizers include: Satay chicken and beef, BBQ boneless ribs, Thai chicken lettuce wraps, and pork dumplings to name a few. We tried the Rock Shrimp Tempura ($11) with a spicy citrus mayo. I loved it, but next time I would order it with the sauce on the side. It was a bit soggy when it arrived.


The Beef Satay ($8) was beyond delicious. The Asian spiced skewers with a spicy peanut sauce were not too salty or oily. It wasn’t overloaded with marinade either.


When was the last time you had General Tso’s Chicken ($15)? For me it was around 2008. Made with big pieces of all white meat chicken and lightly battered, it is both tender and crunchy. It is served with a perfectly balanced sweet and sour sauce that combines just the right amount of sweet and heat. The portion is relatively large and can easily make two meals. Jeremy agreed that it was one of the best General Tso Chicken’s he’s eaten, and would be fine eating the GF version from now on.


Three fried rice and two noodle dishes are also available on the gluten free menu. The Classic Fried Rice ($11) was also delicious. It was light and not very greasy as opposed to its gluten counterpart.


The Chicken Pad Thai ($13) is also available with shrimp. This traditional dish is servdd with tamarind lime sauce, eggs, crushed peanuts, which I had omitted. It had a slightly sweeter taste than I am used to, and the noodles were a little bigger than the thin rice noodles usually used in this dish, but I still loved it and ate leftovers for days.


Jeremy’s favorite dish, and my least favorite dish, was the Masaman Curry ($15). Thai sweet & spicy coconut curry with peanuts, potato, bell peppers is different than the Indian Curry I am used to. This is probably why I didn’t enjoy it so much; I was expecting Indian spices and flavors.


Lili’s 57 will deliver for free if you live within 15 blocks, and if you don’t they charge just $5. Each container is marked with a GF, and the receipt also indicates GF.


You can also dine in their restaurant, which we plan on doing soon!

Everything we tried was great and Lili’s has become our go to Chinese restaurant. It’s great to finally be able to eat Chinese food again after all these years.

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